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Best Live Cam Sites: Cam Site Reviews

For dirty blokes like ourselves who like to get in a good wank every now and again, but are still in committed relationships with wives and girlfriends that we love, live cam websites can be a nice way to explore our sexual fantasies without breaking up the relationship. And this is primarily why cam sites have become a big industry that continues to get better. Horny blokes looking for sex when the wife isn’t in the mood or not around, can simply fire up our web browser and chat with hot girls online.

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Of course, a problem comes into play whenever you got a booming industry, you’ll find a large number of scams as well. These scam sites that are posing as cam sites do a lot of damage to the sex cam industry by discouraging people from checking out these sites and parasitically siphoning off revenues from legitimate sites.

So we took it upon ourselves to separate out the good from the bad with our live cam reviews. In order to do that properly we needed to created an objective metric against which to judge all the sites. The main factors that we wanted to take into account were:

  • Did the site provide live performances? Some sites will try to trick you into believing the girls on their site are performing live when in fact their performances are recorded. So that was something we looked out for.
  • The quality of the hardware. Good sites don’t cut corners on substandard webcams and computers.
  • The quality of the performances. We wanted to be sure that the performers weren’t trying to keep us on the clock for as long as possible.
  • Variety of performers. The best cam sites attract the best (and most) performers, because the best cam sites prove their performers are legit with access to the most customers.
  • Good sites provide free trials. Upfront businesses have nothing to hide so they’ll let you interact with the girls before you spend any money. What you pay for is private rooms where you can be alone with them.

We’ve been frequenting cam sites for quite a number of years so we have a lot of insight into the business and trade from a customer’s perspective, which makes us uniquely qualified to write informed reviews on the topic of the best cam sites on the internet. So we wanted to created a guide for new customers to help them navigate the world of sex cams so that they didn’t waste their time or money. So we went through all sites we could find and compiled as much data as we could in order to make sure you had the best time possible.

Sometimes blokes who are new to the cam scene don’t really know what to do and then are surprised that they’ve spent more money than they intended. There are tips and tricks that we’ve amassed over the years, and this guide is about finding the best sites for you, and having the best time possible with your money.