How chat tech is revolutionizing cyber sex

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Sex tech beyond text

The idea of cybersex has, throughout the past 30 years, evolved and continued to evolve from text-based role play into an ever expanding range of meta-corporeal intimacy. As internet connections and processors become faster, and the amount of information that can be sent per second increases, the amount of possibilities for different forms of sexual expression, continue to increase along side them. Just how far have we come?

It may seem to some that sex has become highly depersonalized as the Information Age continues to rewrite the rules for communication. The speed of information is so fast now that people can keep in touch with the latest news from their smartphone. For many, their phones are their closest companions. They have all their most personal information, and they can connect themselves in far more numerous ways than was possible even 10 years ago.

And this has an interesting role to play in how modern people interrelate to one another sexually.

Cybersex: In the beginning, there was merely text. And it was good

If you go back 10 years, many people are still connecting to the internet through dial up. The vast majority of computers were not even being built with WIFI. Go back 20 years and many people are still using text-based web browsers. JavaScript has just been developed. Almost everyone who had internet access still used to have to login to servers through their modems. Go back 30 years and the internet is something that only a few people know about. It’s used primarily for email, UseNET, and the world wide web all exist only text form. IRC was still a thing. Internet Relay Chat it was called. You could go into chat rooms and talk with other people, random people, from anywhere in the world.

People began realizing that online chatting could be sexy too. You could have sexual interludes with others online. Phone sex was a thing back then so it was a natural extension for people to use the internet to fulfill that need. So people would live action role play sexual encounters with others on the internet. It became known as cybersex.

Fake & Legit sex cam sites warning

Not only is the traditional form of cybersex texting, free sex chat, and online free chatting sites still wildly popular, it’s evolved as our communication technology has evolved.

Cybersex and Video Chat: Cam Girls and Cam Play Online

Not only can you solicit the services of online cam girls but you can also have fun with amateur casual hookup dating sites, or other sites to get laid. Some people enjoy sex, but from a distance, so online cam to cam masturbation suits them better than actually hitting the bars or physically touching anyone (other than themselves, that is). Free chatting sites that are mostly text based, now include the option to do cam to cam chatting, and as the chat tech has evolved, so has the sex tech.

Cybersex and Teledildonics: How Military Couples can Stay in Touch

If your husband is deployed overseas, one option that allows you to still be intimate is a little piece of hardware the kids are calling “Teledildonics”. Teledildonics are a set of sex toys that connect to your smartphones and your genitals, by employing Bluetooth technology. The gyrations you make as you engage in virtual undulations are then transmitted to your partner’s genitals and vice versa.

While teledidonics are ideal for military couples, women who prefer partners who are not in their general vicinity can also engage in the fun. Even women without partners can use teledildonics. The most modern rigs can send pulses through the teledildo to the beat of your favorite songs.

The Future of Cybersex

With a present as bright as teledildonics there is no telling what the future holds. Sex bots rigged to motion capture devices are certainly not beyond the realm of possibility, but one area that you may not have thought of that is currently gaining steam in the gaming industry is virtual reality rigs. Imagine being able to rig your teledildonics to a virtual avatar and have virtual sex in exotic places.

If you’re wondering to yourself at this point, why don’t people just have normal human sex with one another, then you’re not alone. It seems like an awful lot of work for someone to go through in order to fulfill a basic drive, but then again, what if you could fulfill that drive without having to deal with, you know, real people who know you personally and can screw with your life? It would be better, right?