Reviews of the Best Online Live Cam Sites

The Top Live Webcam Sites: Live Cam Site Reviews

The Top Live Webcam Sites Online

The best live cam websites all have a number of features in common. This is what you should be looking out for:

Live Cam WebsiteEvaluationRankingTotal $ Spent# Models We Tried# Models We LikedCost Per MinuteStreaming QualityReviewsFree Trial
★★★★★★★#12005029$GREATRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★★★★#22004227$$GREATRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★★★★#32005129$$GOODRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★★★#42005120$$$GREATRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★★★#52004720$$GOODRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★★★#62004715$NORMALRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★★#72004014$$GREATRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★#82004511$$$NORMALRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★#92006910$$$$NORMALRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial
★★#10200486$$$NORMALRead The Full ReviewGet A Free Trial

Here are the best & legit live sex cam websites

  1. Does the site allow you to interact with women before you spend any money on private performances? This one is huge. Because of the way these newer scams work, where they trick you into thinking the cams are live by having phony chatrooms and pre-recorded performances, good cam sites always allow either a free trial, or free chat with their performers before you pay one cent. When you don’t see this, your best bet is to run.
  2. Good cam sites use top quality equipment. For obvious reasons, shitty equipment will decrease your ability to enjoy the site. Older or cheaper webcams become blurry every time a performer tries to move. That means that unless the performer is standing completely still, you have no idea really, what the fuck you’re looking at. It could be impressionist painted view from the perspective of someone with incredibly bad eyesight. In other words, not something you want to wank to.
  3. Top quality streaming requires excellent bandwidth. A cheaply run site with crappy bandwidth will cause interruptions in the stream causing the cam performer to look like a piece of glitch art while the stream rebuffers or tries to correct itself. Unless you’re really into Picasso, you will find this incredibly difficult to have a good wank with.
  4. Excellent customer service. In order for a cam girl site to stay in business for an extended period of time, they need repeat business. That includes not trying to bilk your clientele out of as much money as humanly possible by stalling them while they’re trying to beat off. Getting clients to come back involves making them feel good about having spent the money in the first place. The top live cam sites make sure that you want to come back.

How to spot fake live cam websites

For legal reasons we’re not going to mention any of the sites that we have found to be fake by name, but instead we’re going to try and direct you to the best cam girl sites. The problem is that these fake sites have been suing review sites like ours for libel. Whether or not they win is irrelevant because by the time they’re done, they’ve cost the review sites and the reviewers themselves thousands of dollars in legal fees. So even though truth is a defense to libel, these websites have lawyers on retainer that are willing to slap honest reviewers with junk lawsuits in order to screw them out of money.

So instead of naming these sites by name, we’re going to educate individuals who are interested and peel back the curtain to show them just how the scams work and how to protect themselves from the scammers.

One key element to look out for is whether the site allows you to interact with their performers before you actually begin spending money on them in private sessions. Scam sites that have “cam shows” that are nonetheless not “live cam shows” hide behind a technicality in the language. A site which does not allow you to interact with performers beforehand or if the performer doesn’t respond to specific requests from you (the customer) then you should be highly suspicious that the site is fraudulent.

The best live shows come from the top notch websites that are willing to put the money and effort to supplying their clientele with exactly the service they desire. That means new equipment, no bilking their clients, and letting you know that the feed is live.