Is sexy webcam chat play really cheating?

are sex cams cheatingSex chat online: Is he cheating?

Is sexy webcam chat play really cheating?

There’s no true objective way to formally answer a question like this, so what we’re going to do here is present the argument from both sides and let you, the reader decide for yourself. Here’s some facts, however before we get started.

Sex chat online, either with another person who is more or less like you, or a professional cam girl is in sort of a grey area between actually having sex with another person, and masturbation.

If you took a sampling of women who, when asked, thought masturbation was cheating, I don’t think very many would. On the other hand, if your man is going at it with one particular cam girl and your sex life has fallen by the wayside you might want to consider it differently. Here’s why.

Yes: Sexy Webcam Chat Play is Cheating!

Please note, that this is the “pro” argument for why sex chat online is cheating and not my personal beliefs on the subject.

While masturbation itself may not rise to the level of cheating, sex chat online is much more intimate. Not only would you be interacting with another woman, you would be giving that woman free reign and free access to territory that is occupied almost entirely by your wife or girlfriend. While pornography is pre-recorded show, cam to cam sex chat involves a live interaction.

Have a thought about this from the opposite angle. If a woman logged on to the internet and was talking with another man online, naked, and they both masturbated together, would how would you feel about that? Probably significantly different than you would if she merely rubbed one out while watching porn. Even if she paid for the service you would not be particularly thrilled about her doing that. In fact, you might feel worse.

Fake & Legit sex cam sites warning

If you don’t consider webcam sex chat cheating, you should be sure that you don’t really mean that your wife should not consider webcam sex chat cheating, while giving yourself free reign to do whatever you please while holding her to a higher standard. If this is what you’re doing then you need to reconsider your double standard, because at this point, not even you believe what you’re saying. If you think it’s okay to jerk off with another woman on camera, then you’d better damn well afford your wife the same privilege of jerking off with another man. If you can’t do the latter, but still think it’s okay to do the former, then it’s not just your wife who considers what you’re doing cheating, you do too.

Cam to Cam Sex Chat is Not Cheating!

Cam to cam sex chat is not cheating. In fact, it’s no different than going to a strip club. If you think that one on one interaction makes live sex chat cheating, then you’ve inadvertently created a metric by which strip clubs are now also cheating. If you’re going to go this far, then why stop at strip clubs? Why not include pornography, naked pictures of women, and all masturbation for that matter. At what point do you draw a line and at what point have you now created an absolute dictatorship over your man’s body and his right to use his hands to pleasure himself?

While both parties in a relationship have certain expectations for that relationship, it isn’t fair to exert that much power and control over another person’s free will. It reeks of the jealous, obsessive, stalker girlfriend, who is perpetually combing through her man’s cell phone and assuming that they’re going to be married after 2 months of dating. In other words, becoming jealous over a woman that your man will never meet nor touch in real life isn’t worth the emotional energy and far more likely to drive him away than draw him closer.

The Middle Ground

While sex chat online is not in and of itself cheating, a partiality to a certain performer may be a kind of emotional cheating. A woman in a relationship with a man who was devoting daily hours, and tons of money to a particular cam performer or random woman during a free online webcam chat session, is definitely one of those cheating signs that shouldn’t be ignored, and a harbinger of bad things to come.

On the other hand, another harbinger of bad things to come, is the obsessive need to control everything your man does. Don’t go that route.