Why I love online cam girl sites

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Why I love online cam girl sites

I’m a married man, and I really love my wife who has been by my side for over 30 years now. We’ve had a wonderful live together, have 3 beautiful daughters, and I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world. About 5 years ago she began going through menopause. It was an extremely difficult period for her during which she became remote, withdrawn, depressed. I wasn’t certain how to help her, and anything I seemed to say just made things worse.

I would tell her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. I reminded her every day how much I cared and how much she meant to me. I would bring her flowers when I came home from work. I did everything in my power to try to show her that I cared. But she remained withdrawn and depressed, like a light had gone out from behind her eyes.

I wasn’t sure what, if anything, I should do. She would tell me that I was sweet and that she loved me too, but I found it difficult to interest her going out or having sex. I knew this wasn’t her fault, that there was probably something hormonal or psychological happening, but I felt a little lost without her.

I had talked to my daughters about it and they agreed that seemed different. Her doctor recommended that she see a psychotherapist and they would try to get her some help, and see if there was any medication that would work for her. It took some time, but eventually, the medication began to take effect, and the clouds in her eyes began to part. They were once again shining as brightly as ever.

The doctors said it wasn’t unusual for women to undergo mood disturbances during this period in their lives. Different women responded differently, but for Carol it really seemed to psychologically damage her. The depression she was in was not something she was able to think her way out of. I was always supportive and loving, and I never tried to push her into going out or having sex when she wasn’t up for it. And eventually things did get better.

It never once occurred to me to cheat on Carol. But a man has urges and those urges can be pretty powerful. I missed the intimacy of our relationship, not just the sex, but the feeling that we were there for each other and nothing else really mattered. I needed some way to kind of reclaim the part of myself that was gone when Carol was depressed.

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I may sound a bit like a dirty old man here, but cam sites were a really great release for me during that time. Carol slept a lot and I just wanted her to be comfortable. I wasn’t about to guilt trip her into being a wife or a mother again. I knew that would only make matters worse. So sex cams became an outlet for me to release and indulge the need for sexual intimacy. Sure it wasn’t the same as having sex with my wife, but it certainly made it easier for me to be understanding of what she was going through. I can be a cranky old bastard from time to time if I don’t get my sex and online strip shows seemed to be the happy medium in between pornography and beginning to see other people. The girls are paid performers and true professionals, and I found one that I really liked. I liked the fact I could flirt with her and she would take off her clothes. Over time, I became one of her best customers and she knew exactly what I liked. It was a good overall experience for me. Something that was actually very therapeutic during an immensely difficult time in my life.

While sex cams and cam girls may not be for everybody, I really enjoyed the performers and the performances a lot. There were a lot of different girls for me to choose from, and it allowed me to sexually indulge some fantasies that I could never really ask my wife to indulge. I’m an old guy too, so getting the attention of a beautiful young woman isn’t something I’d really considered doing. The best part was that Carol never had to learn about any secret affairs I had while she was going through the worst time of her life. And for that I’m very thankful.