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On 18 December 2016
Last modified:18 December 2016

Summary: is one of the best live sex cam sites. We HIGHLY recommend you to try it for a fun and safe experience.

We believe MaturesCam is the best live cam site for the mature population. Based on our review of, there are things on the site that we wish were present on every live cam site. For example, the thing that stood out the most about MaturesCam was the number of free access you got if you paid for the most expensive membership option. Upon paying for the GrandDaddy Deal, we got access to a weekly group video performance, 5 free minutes with the model of our choice each month, and the option to add unused credit from one month on top of our amount for the next month. Now that’s convincing incentives!

The obvious focus of MaturesCam is on the middle aged and above, and we found that to be quite accurate. It appeared that most of the members were above 50, as were the models. Actually we were kind of nicely surprised to see so many older female models were active on While we were logged in there were always more than 200 live cam models available. Clearly younger men have a thing for watching older women!

MaturesCam reviews

MaturesCam has mainly female models over 40, most of them white. A good percentage of the members were men, and we presume there were no lesbians or trannies on the site because it was not a searchable category. So only men or women on, no women loving women, yet. When it came to the models, not many of them were willing to do as much as we asked of them. It appears that the stated goal of MaturesCam is to bring x-rated video chats to the aging population. So, is MaturesCam working in this regard? It seems like they are functioning with moderate success.

We do have to report that MaturesCam scams were a constant nuisance. It seems as though scam artists know to target the elderly, who are less aware of when they are being scammed or not, and certainly much more willing to drop money for sex if they think it’s at all a possibility. It did not get in the way of the quality of the mature models we did find, though.

MaturesCam scams

We had such a great time on MaturesCam. It’s one of the best live sex cam sites. Rated #6 in its industry. You should try it. Click here to get free credits on

Review Of MaturesCam

We spent $200 for four guys over one month at A lot of the models were surprised at how young we were, but that did not turn us off at all. The signup procedure was a little bit annoying because they asked you reasons for why you want to use a live cam site. In our opinion it does not matter what brings you to a live cam site, but presumably the site wanted to know how curious we are to see naked women on camera rather than to just chat. If seeing excellent models get naked for you is what you want, and you like young women, then we suggest skipping MaturesCam and spending money on an excellent site like instead.

Our biggest problem with the site was that it was hard to find mature models that wanted to get sexy for us. That’s a real nuisance for us, and leaves us with no other option but to say that MaturesCam is not a good site for sexual experiences of any kind. Maybe if we were mature ourselves it would be a different story. We could tell that a lot of the models were surprised how young we were, and presumably they reacted quite differently because they were taken off guard. The site uses Flash player video from Adobe, which works pretty well for Mac and Windows, but we needed to go through some updates to be compatible.

Is MaturesCam Working?

Is MaturesCam working to hook men up with sexy models? It is hard to say because of our age bias, but we can report on what we experienced. In total we tried 47 models. This is partially because we were so curious, and partially because there were so many options. Of the 47 we only liked 15, and you can imagine why that number is so low. Even though we think anyone can be sexy at any age, these models at were not interested in performing or really getting sexy at all. Most of the 15 we liked were just there to get into sexy conversations. While none of them objected when we asked them to put on a show and take their clothes off, it’s never easy to ask, and we would have expected these models to have understood that that’s what we wanted without us having to ask. So that’s a fail.

We also did not like that there was no way to specify searches on MaturesCam. You basically have a list of models, without even age or interest or anything to go on. That meant we had to do a lot of our own research into the models before we wanted to video chat with them. As you can imagine, we did not like that at all. Of course when we did start to video chat, we found that the feed was so poor that we could not hold a consistent conversation for more than 10 minutes with any model. The models that we liked were the one’s we were able to get somewhere with. Most of the time we would only have about 5 minutes before the lagging got so annoying that we had to stop the chat. In our books a normal streaming quality is not gonna cut it for proper live cam dating, because sometimes we like to spend over an hour with one model. If you want to experience great live cam dating, we highly recommend LiveJasmin or

Is MaturesCam Legit?

Is MaturesCam working to bring older folks together for sexy video chats? From our experience, most of the members are probably satisfied because they are of the same age a the models. One of the more annoying things about are all the scams we experienced. MaturesCam scams came in form of messages from random men and women that just ask to video chat out of the blue, without even a hello message. Aside from this pretty obvious sign of a scam, these profiles of men and women were done with stock images of people taken from Google Image search. Nothing could be more obvious to us, and leaves us with no choice but to criticize for it’s security software.