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On 18 December 2016
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Summary: is one of the best live sex cam sites. We HIGHLY recommend you to try it for a fun and safe experience.

In our opinion, is a pretty solid live cam site that needs a few slight changes to be excellent. A live cam site marketed as the best live cam site to get x-rated video chats with professional models at a reasonable price sounded pretty good to our ears. It was like xCams had devised the perfect live cam site and for some reason it was still so affordable because no one knew about it. We thought it was an up and coming site that would only get more expensive as it gained in popularity. The membership options were pretty flexible, and the incentives for paying more were quite convincing, so that got us off to a good start.

However, after making a thorough review of xCams, we can say that they got close to perfection. But is actually the best x-rated live cam site on the web? Unfortunately not. That honour goes to LiveJasmin. xCams actually falls short in in our review categories, which we will get to shortly. All things considered, xCams is great if you have the time and money to wade through the average models to get to the golden models. We think it’s worth the struggle, but you have to be committed and willing to drop some money.

xCams reviews

Review of xCams

With xCams, we spent the same $200 dollar amount for four guys over a one month span. We went for the most expensive subscription option, which gave us more credit minutes then we knew what to do with. The signup process was extremely easy, and as a result our profile was quite bare. Only an image that we upload, and our xCams name is needed. Other than a Visa card, no personal information of any kind is required, and you don’t need a password to access live videos. That’s one of the better things about Because it is only geared towards getting people the sex they desire, there are as few barriers as possible to getting new members active and paying for the professional models that make up the roster.

With the $200 we video chatted with 47 models, and we quickly realized that the rates per minute memberships are so cheap because not all the models are excellent. The problem here with xCams is that they offer x-rated video chats but the models they offer them with are not as attractive as they are on a great subscription based site like Eyelive. At least the majority are not attractive – even though we could filter our search to the kinds of women we wanted, and especially the kind of sex we wanted. We were not interested in the kind of chubby, tattooed ladies with dyed hair that make up the majority of models on Sure you have a lot of options, but we had a hard time finding out where the quality was on the site in the first few attempts we made to meet models. That’s why we can only say we liked 20 of the models we saw, and that’s kind of pushing it to be honest. So is xCams any good at helping members find what they want? Only if you are willing to spend the money required to get to the premium section of the site. In the premium section of xCam, there is a categorization section that breaks down different styles of performance. For example, we liked the Lingerie models that were into foot fetishes, but that’s just us.

xCams scams

We had such a great time on xCams. It’s one of the best live sex cam sites. Rated #5 in its industry. You should try it. Click here to get free credits on

xCams scams

At they categorize the models by what they offer, or what they specialize in. There are a lot categories, which we actually found to be quite helpful. Instead of waiting for the site to recommend models or members to us, we enjoyed the freedom of searching for models in the categories we like most.

We began our searches on by looking into the raunchy and wild categories, as well as the down for anything category. Although it might surprise you, we would say ¾’s of the models we encountered in these three categories were not attractive. As we said before, most of them were not skinny, had lots of tattoos, and a lot of them had either dyed hair or weird earrings. That’s not even to mention the xCam scams that we encountered with some of the profiles. We got a lot of messages from women who were clearly scam profiles, and that’s a real deal breaker for us. xCams scams were probably the first reason why we did not like the site.

Luckily for us, we tried searching in the premium section of the site. In the premium section of xCams they have different categories to select, and we selected the “Lingerie” category. Within a couple of pages we realized something extraordinary: Here is where the hot women are! Model after model were just stunning babes that seemed curious and enthusiastic. While a lot of them did seem to be young as well, none of them had tattoos or dyed hair or weird earrings. It was such a relief for us to find the lingerie category! Even better, we found that in the video chats these babes were pretty much down to do anything we asked. Even though the lingerie category is meant to be the one area where women do not do nude performances, we found it pretty easy to persuade the ladies to get naked and wild for us. That was a real surprise, and probably the only reason why we think is worth the money. That’s where 18 of the 20 models we liked came from actually, and that stat says a lot.

Is xCams Working

When it comes to streaming quality, xCams falls short of the excellent live cam sites. We would have to say that the streaming quality was good. That means that we a few annoyances with lagging, but it was not a consistent problem. We presume it had more to do with the poor internet connection where some of the models lived rather than an issue with xCams flash video system itself.