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In our opinion, LiveJasmin has to be the best live cam sex site on the internet. Our review of LiveJasmin will focus on all the features of the site that make us think that LiveJasmin is working really well at getting men the live cam performance of their dreams. has a wide variety of different options for viewing; it is more affordable than it’s competitors; and it can boast the largest number of live performers. We really likes that LiveJasmin has a specific focus on women that work from a studio, rather than from home. We get that it’s a personal preference, and that some will choose EyeLive instead because they focus on work from home babes instead, but we have found that babes working from a studio add an extra layer of attraction that we just don’t feel with babes that work from home. So is LiveJasmin any good in our books? It has totally set the standard as far as we are concerned.

There are so many great aspects to LiveJasmin that it is hard to know where to start. Our review of LiveJasmin will focus on its search algorithms, the kind of babes we were meeting and what we thought about them, it’s affordability, and lastly, LiveJasmins image streaming quality.

LiveJasmin reviews

Review Of LiveJasmin

We tested out all these live cam sites for 1 month, with 4 guys trying out the site to gain a wide perspective on usability. Our review of LiveJasmin has to start with one of the sites best features: it’s search algorithm system. It is really easy to use, and leads to immediate results because it cuts right to the chase. The search option has a scroll-down menu that allows you to select a wide variety of characteristic preferences – from boob size, to body weight, to a willingness category (for certain activities). These activities include sexual acts like squirt and anal, even footjob, so you can really be as specific as you want. We spent about thirty minutes scrolling through these options to get a sense of how large LiveJasmin is. In those thirty minutes we probably scrolled over 500 profiles, most of which were women down to chat. So it was really easy to find hot women, no question about it. There were a small percentage of men, trannies, and lesbians of course, but not nearly as many as on other sites we reviewed.

That leads us to another great feature of the sheer number of hot babes willing to have a video chat. We probably scrolled through 3,000 profiles during our time on LiveJasmin, and based on our estimates that’s not even scratching the surface. We spent our $200 dollars pretty quickly, that’s for sure. LiveJasmin is free to sign up for, but has a pay per minute system that allows all the female members interested in performing to set a price per minute for their performances. LiveJasmin also offers a whole bunch of different kinds of membership options. They have a bronze, silver, gold, and superstar package, and we found that the Superstar package came with some credit incentives that really made the difference.

The babes we met were from all over the world: some were living in South America, others in Australia. There really is such a wide variety that we could never get bored. As we said in the introduction, we like that LiveJasmin puts a focus on studio performing girls rather than in-house performers. All in all we tried 50 different models, and of the 50 we liked 29. That’s the highest ratio of our entire review, and for good reason. Model profiles come with an image and a bio, so there was no random guessing – and just like all the other review sites, when you sign in you get put into the large group chat room where everyone can be involved in the conversation thread. It did not take long for us to move to private chat though, because the women were all babes with tight bodies and a willingness to do whatever we wanted. Of course it helped to narrow down what we wanted in the search category, but we found that the women were pretty much down to do whatever we asked of them. Most of the time we stayed quiet actually. We just sat back and enjoyed the performance from all the different camera angles available.

That’s another amazing thing about LiveJasmin: the cameras. offers high def sex cams for their members, and luckily for us most of the models were equiped with them. It all depends on the models camera of course, but generally we were quite satisfied. We noticed the quality faded a little if we went full-screen, so we kept the screen mid-size and just sat back and enjoyed the show. The cameras used by the paid models on LiveJasmin were slightly superior in quality to the Eyelive model cam and the LivePrivate cams. That’s why it always helps to pay a little extra.

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We had such a great time on LiveJasmin. It’s one of the best live sex cam sites. Rated #1 in its industry. You should try it. Click here to get free credits on

Is LiveJasmin Working? is working with some of the fastest video technology out there. The streaming quality was never an issue for us, which is why we rated the stream quality of LiveJasmin as great. It was great because it was consistent across the board. It appears that LiveJasmin as actually informed it’s models what the best kind of camera is for performing on the site. That kind of consumer awareness is lacking from all the other live cam sites we tested, and it obviously made a huge difference in our enjoyment of the performances we saw. So is LiveJasmin working? To us it could not be more obvious that is a huge success. No other live cam site we reviewed had a live TV channel, for example. JasminTV is basically a montage of girls stripping and teasing for your pleasure while you look through the model options. Our favorite part about JasminTV is that if the girl in the montage is online at that moment, you will be able to follow a direct link from JasminTV to her profile. We did that a couple times actually, and both of the babes we met were the wildest of the bunch. So you can bet that will deliver high quality video streams of the hottest babes in the world for the most affordable and reasonable price. The fact that you can decide how much you want to pay is a fantastic model, because it means that the models have an incentive to seduce you for as long as possible. The only danger is you will run out of money!