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In our opinion, Eyelive is one of the best live cam websites out there. As you will see in our review of Eyelive, we conducted sufficient research to gauge whether or not Eyelive scams are an issue, what kind of babes are on, how good the streaming quality is, and how affordable Eyelive is compared with its competitors.

Eyelive is one of those sites that does everything so well you begin to wonder why all the other sites are not as good as this. The answer obviously is that they put a lot of their profits back into site maintenance, security software development, and to paying their sexy models enough to keep them there. The payment scheme is pretty easy to understand. You have to pay a flat rate for every 30 minutes spent with a model. Eyelive offers five different membership options with great incentives to sign up. Our favorite incentive is that you can get a full free hour per week with a model of your choice if you sign up for the Gold Standard membership. Aside from affordability, it’s a pretty safe website too. Eyelive scams are non-existent throughout the site, a clear sign that they do thorough site maintenance. We are sure that scam profiles do exist, but the security team at Eyelive probably roots them out and deletes them before they can spread to much damage.

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Review of Eyelive

We enjoyed our time on the site because it was so easy scrolling through the model options. We did spend a lot of time in the more expensive model section, which does not cost more than the free section to browse through but does charge a per video chat fee. There is a flat rate for every half an hour you spend with a model, and it doubles after 2 hours. We love this system because it puts incentive on the models to convince the viewer to stay longer. The only payment scheme we like better is the pay-per-minute setup at, the best live cam sex dating site in our opinion.

With Eyelive, we saved so much money on the models. For one month, 4 of our guys tested the site and in total we spent our $200 on 42 dates, all of which went for longer than any other site could provide. So we had fewer video dates than some of the other sites, but the quality and duration was much higher than almost all of them. Only ranks higher in our review.

These 42 dates were all very enjoyable. The models were very willing to follow some of our instructions, and more than a few of them took us on some wild BDSM adventures. One woman tied herself to the bed and slowly took off all her clothing. Once she was naked, she took some of her favorite sex toys and began pleasuring herself in ways we had never seen before. We liked 27 of the models that we tried, and it was like a whole new experience dealing with these professional women who just knew what to say to turn us on and push the conversation forward into sexier territories. A lot of the time we did not have to instigate anything. They would do all the instigating for us – and that’s the real benefit of paying for the private models!

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We had such a great time on Evelive. It’s one of the best live sex cam sites. Rated #2 in its industry. You should try it. Click here to get free credits on

Is Eyelive Working?

We believe Eyelive sets itself apart in three main areas: the search algorithm system, the quality of the models, and affordability. The search algorithm system that uses is pretty unique. It does not ask you to put much of your personal information at all. Instead, it asks you to post an image of yourself for your profile image, and the asks a series of quirky and fun questions that are meant to personify you to the rest of the members. The questions are things like: “are you a dog or a cat person”, or, “do you like doggy style or missionary better?”, or, “do you think looks matter more than personality?”

After the questionnaire, then recommends a specific type of person to you based on an analysis of your answers, and even better, suggests women on Eyelive that fit those profiles. It helps that is a popular site, because we got about 500 women recommended to us. From our video experiences with these women it is safe to presume that all of them would be a lot of fun to video chat with. We absolutely love the algorithm system that Eyelive uses, but obviously it’s built specifically for users, so you gotta sign up to experience it!

Another aspect that sets Eyelive apart is the quality of their models. No other site had such a great multicultural array of model options to choose from. We know that our preference is for Caucasian blondes with a bit of a plump body, but if you like African Americans, Asians, and especially South Americans, then look no farther than Eyelive. The secret to the great success of their models is that Eyelive actively recruits models from theatre and dance. At they realize that sexyness is about the body and the mind, and the funnier and quirkier you are the more sexy you seem. It’s all part of a complete package, and there is definitely an “woman” that is different from the rest. You will find enthusiasm, talent, charisma, and a sexy body on all the models that Eyelive work with, just as long as you are willing to pay.

The third thing about Eyelive that really sets it apart is the relative cheapness of the site. Like we said before, we did not have to pay to sign up or browse the members section. Of course you could pay for a more specific version of the algorithm if you wanted a more in-depth analysis of other members and their affinity to your profile. We thought about paying for it, but were so satisfied with the free options that we had no need.

Even the model section was pretty affordable. We only paid per half an hour for each date we went on with the models on That’s a way better model than the flat monthly rate that other inferior sites like use. It’s clear that Eyelive has the customer’s best interest in mind, otherwise they would be charging a huge flat rate per month like all the rest of the inferior sites.