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It seems to us that LivePrivate is working to get people laid. Our review of LivePrivate is quite positive overall because from our experience it is a great spot for people to get the sexy model performances they desire. has a large number of users, a pretty consistently hot bunch of ladies waiting in the free chat room area, and LivePrivate allows you to go into private chats with pretty much anyone you want.

The payment method on LivePrivate is based on an incentive model, so a membership comes with a lot of nice bonuses based on what you are looking for. They offer a Prince and King membership option, with the King providing a better rate per minute. If you want to chat with amateurs then it is free, but if you want to chat with live webcam models and have your mind blown, then you have to pay that little bit extra for the King membership. We definitely think it’s worth it to pay. We found the models on LivePrivate lacking in hotness compared to EyeLive, and the video feed quality was not as smooth as LiveJasmin. However, the paid private chat rooms are easy to use and the models were pretty excellent performers. Also the site was quite easy to use and relatively affordable. So if we were asked: “is LivePrivate any good?” we would respond with a shrug and a say it is great, but not as excellent as LiveJasmin or, two sites that offer more payment membership selections and just work faster at getting members connected to hot models.

LivePrivate reviews

Review Of LivePrivate

We had a pretty great time trying out all the different models on offer at LivePrivate. In one month, us four guys spent $200 dollars on different models. Some of them were very sexy, and pretty much willing to do anything we asked them to do within the price range. There is a nice selection of Asian, African American, and even Nordic models on LivePrivate. We liked the fact that you can scroll over each model and get a little bio with their pay per minute rate. That really helped us decide which babes to video with. You don’t have to bother with the group chat or the group video feed either.

Probably our favorite was this petite Asian babe who was just so fiesty and full of sexual energy. She came onto the camera in only a bra and panties, and within minutes our introduction was over and she began doing what she does best. It was like she knew all the moves that we were hoping to see her do. She did not even ask very much about what we wanted. It’s pretty great when you are dealing with a professional, because it was clear she knew all the moves to turn us on, and had the confidence and craziness we like to see in live cam models. It can be hard to translate sexiness and confidence across the video screen, but LivePrivate models across the board do a really good job of that. It helps that the streaming quality was good, otherwise the talent and enthusiasm would have been lost. Some of the models had cameras that were quite poor, but the general state of the cameras was just fine. must have some really great talent scouts at all the strip bars across America, Eastern Europe, and East Asia, because the models don’t seem like your average sexy woman trying to make a buck on the side. On LivePrivate they seem like legitimate performers who love what they do.

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We had such a great time on LivePrivate. It’s one of the best live sex cam sites. Rated #3 in its industry. You should try it. Click here to get free credits on

Is LikePrivate Working?

The reason why LivePrivate is not the best ranked site has a lot to do with the streaming quality. If the streaming quality were great, then would be at the top of our list. As it stands, LivePrivate is number three in our list because we experienced some lagging and even a couple instances of complete blurriness. The lagging really got in the way of our ability to enjoy our experiences on, and we even discussed with some of the models how it has been a problem for a while. It’s only a matter of time before the web developers at LivePrivate fix this streaming issue by making sure all the models have high quality flash cameras attached to their computers, so don’t let this aspect hold you back from trying it out. It was merely a small roadblock in what was otherwise a stellar live cam experience.

For $200 we were able to pay for 51 models with our credits on the King membership option. That’s one of the highest numbers of models across our study, which is another reason why LivePrivate is working. It has a lot of models, and a lot of members, and everyone is happy because they are getting what they want. Of the 51 models we tried, 29 were to our liking. While that might not seem like a lot, it’s a pretty good percentage based on our experience with other sites. In fact it’s tied for the highest percentage of models we like with, our top ranked site that is working to get people laid really well too.

The other great thing about is that it has a large collection of amateur models that want to try things out on you. It’s a free service, so there is no harm in giving it a shot and seeing if amateur models stack up in comparison to the paid models who just blew us away.

Is LivePrivate Working?

Based on our review of, we can say in confidence that LivePrivate is working very well at getting people what they want. It is an affordable site with exceptional models that will make you want to spend more time and money on live cam sites. LivePrivate has a great private chat room layout that makes you feel really comfortable while you are watching and chatting, and the models respond well to anything questions and comments you may want to ask. The only thing that holds LivePrivate back from being the best live cam site on the web is it’s streaming quality. Still, LivePrivate is working to bring the quality of live cam performances to a whole new level, so it’s definitely worth paying more for those sexy performers.