Ways to get him ready in an online chat room

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How to turn on a woman during cyber sex

If you’re wondering what to say during online singles sex chat, you’re not alone. Many guys who enjoy engaging in cybersex aren’t particularly good at it and then they wonder why the lady who they were engaging with left the chat to find another partner. While the rejection can be quite damaging to one’s self-esteem, it can also be an excellent opportunity for a learning experience.

For what it’s worth, online cybersex is not quite like real sex. It takes some command of the written language in order to perform correctly, while your typical sexual acts are more about physical maneuvering. Still, many of the same rules apply, so we wanted to create a little guide for you to improve your cyber sex skills and turn on a woman in the chat rooms.

(1) Appealing to the senses

If you’re wondering what to say during online singles sex chat there are a couple of techniques that writers have been using for millennia that will help you turn her on. Firstly, it bears noting that women are much more sensitive to language than men are. The sound and the texture of words are just as important as what you’re saying. You’re going to want to summon your inner poet and hear the grain and texture of the words as they slip off your lips.

Words which engage the tongue and the lips are especially useful. Notice how the phrase “slip off your lips” feels in your mouth. The phrase itself maneuvers the tongue and lips the same way a kiss would. Even as you read it silently, the neurons that are fired when you’re kissing are also fired as you say or read to those words. Language itself and also reading can be a sensual experience. Poets from across the world have taught us this in one way or another since the dawn of language. But there are other ways to engage her sense as well.

By focusing your descriptions on touch and taste, you engage the senses you engage the imaginary by linking it to the body. Cybersex is all about fantasy exploration, and for whatever reason, women really get into it, which is why it’s so popular with men, and why it’s so popular in general. Cybersex is a form of sexual play that is transmitted primarily with language, and women are particularly sensitive to the effects of language. By appealing to the sensory, you take the language from the realm of the purely intellectual into the bodily and sensual parts of the mind.

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Visual cues are important too. Describing scenes as vividly as you possibly can will really get her turned on. If you can bind the visual to the sensual by carefully choosing your words, you’re going to be a cyber sex star.

How to be a cyber sex star

Well, one thing you might want to explore is writing erotic poetry, and understanding what women want out of a sex chat. The majority of women will be most concerned with two aspects: how you respond to their body, and how you engage their body in the virtual space of the chat room. Since women are so keyed in to language, it’s important to not skip over the details. Foreplay is even more important than sex itself in this regard. The build up in the case of cyber sex is the payoff too. Women respond well to sexual frustration, at least the submissive ones do. So building up every tiny detail is going to make you a star in the chatrooms.

From cyber sex to real sex

Since local chat rooms on adult dating sites are becoming the norm, and the ladies like to build up excitement before meeting someone, knowing how to sex talk the ladies is a key ingredient to getting laid in real life. Our adult chat tips should help you get started with that, but also, employing these tips expertly will really get a woman excited about wanting to meet you in real life. Remember, women on these sites get hundreds of messages a day, so you’re going to want to be the one who stands out from the crowd. And being the boring cyber sexting guy will not get you laid.