Cheating dating sites vs. Line Online Chat

affair dating sitesHaving an online affair vs. Dirty talk

If affair dating is one step too far, then try online sex chat

All guys go through it. They’re married to their wives, and they love their wives (maybe) or for whatever reason, cheating or divorce is not a top option. Even men with beautiful wives who they absolutely adore see a hot woman and their mind goes in places they wouldn’t willingly admit. Most women understand that a little harmless attraction is ok, but many feel insulted and hurt by the idea that another woman could draw their man’s eyes from her. But it’s something that we all go through, even women, and we’d be silly not to admit that to ourselves.

But what happens when your mind continues to wander and suddenly you’re fantasizing about the girl who made your coffee or a really attractive co-worker? You start rolling things over in your head and imagining yourself in sexual interludes. It doesn’t mean that you don’t find your wife attractive. But even the slightest thing can trigger a sexual response in men, and we as human beings only desire the things we don’t already have. It’s a perfectly natural response, especially after several years of marriage.

But you love your wife and it would break her heart to find out you’ve been unfaithful. And breaking her heart would break your heart because she is the woman you chose to spend your life with and you still feel that way. There’s just a part of you that longs for sexual variety.

If you’re interested in that type of thing, here are a few choices that are available to you.

(1) Sex Chat Online

Online sex chat is a fun way to explore your fantasies. You don’t really know who you’re talking to, but that’s kind of ok. Some popular singles chat sites will link you to a random person and you can engage in cybersex. Cybersex is a fun no-strings-attached way to let off a little sexual steam. If you’re a capable writer, then it’s even better. The random nature of some chat sites make it kind of entertaining. The wife won’t know what the fuck you’re doing either, unless your dick is in your hand as you’re furiously typing with the other. Either way, she could hardly consider it cheating.

Fake & Legit sex cam sites warning

Some sites allow you to do cam to cam chat where you and a random hot girl can sort of fap together. Most of the video cam services are paid for, but you can probably find a few free ones out there too. But the free ones are tricky. Mostly what you’ll find is random guys with their dicks in their hand.

Online Cam Girl Sites

This is probably the best option. Sex cams are a great way to explore your fantasies in a harmless way. The wife may not be thrilled if she catches you, but on the other hand, it won’t be grounds for divorce either.

Cam girl sites are a unique blend of strip clubs and peep shows, but the best part is you actually get to touch yourself. The old timers know about the peep shows. You used to be able to go to a peep show at an adult store and if you put a couple bucks in the slot, a light would come on and there would be a naked hot girl dancing. Then a couple minutes later it would go off and you had to be ready with your money or else you risked losing your erection. That was a major downside of the peep shows is that you had to sit down on a seat that myriad other guys had ejaculated on prior. Another major downside was that you could interact with the woman who was dancing.

With cam shows you can be assured that the only person who came on the seat that you’re enjoying the cam show on, is you. That can be a major relief, especially if you suffer from hypochondria.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of cam girls is the fact that you can actually interact with them. So there’s less intimacy than there would be with the wife, but more than there would be with a pornographic movie.

Affair Dating Sites

Cheating dating sites are now a major business. People in crappy marriages seem to flock to these sites in order to find one another. At the point at which you choose to go this route you should consider the fact that your marriage is probably over anyway.

Whatever you do, you should be honest with your wife about your needs. Chances are, she’ll be more than happy to engage in a little kinky fun with you.