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We are a group of guys who really enjoy live cam websites. We’re not alone either. There’s a huge market for guys who are interested in a little kinky extra-curricular activity that doesn’t involves escorts or otherwise cheating on their wives and destroying their committed relationships. So if you’re not necessarily looking for sex, but just a way to have a nice wank and explore your fantasies, cam sites offer exactly the service you’re looking for.

We’ve been around the cam scene for years now and all had our favorite pages and performers we liked, but it seemed that recently there had been a lot of griping on the internet about sites that are scamming users. It hadn’t occurred to us, but there were sites out there that tried to make as much money off their clients as humanly possible, and over the years we’d learned to avoid such sites, and we imagine others did as well. But there were so many new cam sites to the scene that it became impossible to keep up with them all. And while some of these sites practiced underhanded techniques to keep their customers on the clock for as long as possible, others were outright scams not even providing the service they were claiming to provide.

By a process known in the business as “white labeling,” they were able to say that their site was a legitimate cam site, while simultaneously not providing any live feeds and instead having a bunch of pre-recorded performances. How they got away with this, I’ll never know, but not only do they persist on the internet, but they are remarkably aggressive when it comes prosecuting reviewers when they call them out on their garbage “service.”

So it occurred to us that we needed to create a live cam reviews page, not only to protect the customers, but the industry itself, and the performers who earn their livelihood from these pages. It isn’t fair to any of us that scam cam pages would siphon off business from the best live cam sites and discourage interested customers in supporting the industry at large.

Thus, there was a serious need out there for live cam reviews that didn’t so much target the worst of the worst, but shined a light on the best of the best. Good live cam sites are a lot of fun and they many gentlemen such as ourselves don’t like to see the industry targeted by crooked parasites aiming at your wallet for a cheap buck.

Cam work is some of the safest and most lucrative employment you can find in the adult entertainment industry. Many of these girls would end up working the streets or doing porn if it weren’t for revenue earned from the cam site industry. As enthusiastic patrons of live cam sites, we take it as a personal affront that scam artists have chosen to target cam girls with fraudulent services.

So what we’ve done is create a resource to help you navigate the best cam sites online and find the performers you’re looking for without the pain and hassle of feeling ripped off at the end of it. Good cam sites operate on repeat business. Anything less in our opinion is a fraud.